Eddy Howard / Sleepy Serenade
Format LP
Artist Eddy Howard
Title Sleepy Serenade
Label Wing/Mercury
Catalog No MGW-12194
A1. Be Anything (But Be Mine) (2:53)
(Irving Gordon)
A2. Mademoiselle (2:32)
(Lester Lee/Bob Russell)
A3. Call Me Darling, Call Me Sweetheart, Call Me Dear (2:42)
(Dorothy Dick/Mart Fryberg/Rolf Marbot/Bert Reisfeld)
A4. I Don't Know Any Better (3:03)
(Irving Gordon)
A5. Kentucky Babe (2:22)
(Richard Henry Buck/Adam Geibel)
B1. Street Of Dreams (2:54)
(Sam M. Lewis/Victor Young)
B2. Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart (2:37)
(John Sexton/Eberhard Storch/John Turner)
B3. You've Got Me Cryin' Again (2:36)
(Isham Jones/Charles Newman)
B4. What Will I Tell My Heart (3:00)
(Jack Lawrence/Peter Tinturin)
B5. Till We Two Are One (2:05)
(Tom Glazer/Billy Martin/Larry Martin)
Packaging LP 01x1 Slot