Dolly Parton / A Real Live Dolly
Format LP
Artist Dolly Parton
Title A Real Live Dolly
Label RCA Victor
Catalog No LSP 4387
Released 1970
A1. (0:00) Introduction
(Denniz PoP)
A2. (0:00) You Gotta Be My Baby
(George Jones)
A3. (0:00) Tall Man
(Juan Esquivel/Billy Strange)
A4. (0:00) Dumb Blonde [Medley]
(Claude "Curly" Putman, Jr.)
A5. (0:00) My Blue Ridge Mountain Boy
(Dolly Parton)
A6. (0:00) You All Come (Y'all Come)
(Arlie Duff)
A7. (0:00) Bloody Bones [Spoken Word]
(Dolly Parton)
B1. (0:00) Don Howser Makes Presentation [Spoken Word]
B2. (0:00) Comedy By Speck Rhodes [Spoken Word]
B3. (0:00) Run That By Me One More Time
(Dolly Parton)
B4. (0:00) Jeannie's Afraid Of The Dark
(Dolly Parton)
B5. (0:00) Tomorrow Is Forever
(Dolly Parton)
B6. (0:00) Two Sides To Every Story
(Bill Owens/Dolly Parton)
B7. (0:00) How Great Thou Art
(Stuart Heine)
Packaging LP 1x1 Slot