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The Record Room
"You Mean I'm Supposed To Listen To 'Em?!?!?"
The Record Room Version 6.0 ~ 2006~???? (A much larger room)
The Entrance
A full view of the first rack
The first row
The second row
The third row
The fourth row
The Record Room Version 5.0 ~ 1998~2006 (A room built specifically for the records.)
The Record Room Version 4.0 ~ 1994~1998 (The basement of the house I rented)
I know I have at least one picture of this room. When I find it, I'll post it. I may even have a video of a local newscast when they did a story on my collection.
The Record Room Version 3.0 ~ 1988~1994 (An "extra" room in my second apartment and I had hair!!)
The Record Room Version 2.0 ~ 1986~1988 (no known pictures) (My first apartment)
The Record Room Version 1.0 ~ 1978~1986 (spare bedroom in the house I grew up)
Another creative stand
My first album rack!
A custom made stand
The history of The Record Room starts in a small town in western Wisconsin. One day in 1978 my father brought home a box of 45s that he found in the local dump. The Record Room hasn't stopped growing since.
The History